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According to The National Fire Protection Association over 44,000 homes in the United States have electrical fires each year, and electrical fires are the second leading cause of home fires. Electrical fires accounted for the highest share of civilian deaths in home fires (18%). Click here to read the full report. 

Electrical safety inspections could have prevented at least some of these fires. The Electrical Safety Foundation has made a list of guidelines for when you should seek a home inspection:

  • Your home is over 40 years old

  • Your home has undergone a major renovation or added a large appliance in the last 10 years

  • You are the new homeowner of an existing home

  • Your circuit breakers trip regularly

  • You have fuses instead of circuit breakers

  • Your lights frequently flicker or dim

  • You have hot-to-touch or discolored switch and outlet faceplates

  • You hear buzzing or popping noises coming from electrical outlets

Arlington Electric's electricians can conduct a comprehensive, top-to-bottom inspection of your electrical system and make recommendations to preserve the value of your home. Our electricians will present options and explain what we find in terms you will understand. We do not believe in using scare tactics with our customers. You can trust that our recommendations are based firmly in code compliance and ethics. 

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